street legal in Texas

i want to convert my 2000 wr400 to street legal. I do not want blinkers on my bike, reflectors on my spokes or tassels hanging from my handle bars. will Texas approve my bike with out blinkers. I ride to the track on my wr going down a couple of small paved roads. I would never use the bike on major streets or hwy's.

Converting your bike to street legal is very easy(and cheap) in some states, not so easy (or cheap)in others. Call Baja Designs, maybe they can tell you what you need in Texas. If you need turnsignals and a taillight/brakelight that works with the engine not running, then you might want to invest in one of the kits they sell(or others).

If on the other hand you only need the minimum of things in Texas, save your money, do it yourself fairly cheap.


I think all you need is a chin strap to keep your cowboy hat from flying off :) .

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