PowerBomb Header-in hand as of today

Today I finally got the FMF Power Bomb header and can now test it and the PC-IV-2 together soon.

During the past week I ran the Stroker SX-1 with and without the quiet tip, with the White Brothers tapered header and with the stock header. The SX-1 in my opionion is a mid range to upper power band pipe. It worked better with the WB and Stock headpipes down low but not even close to the WB pro meg e-series or FMF power Core IV-2 for bottom end response. The FMF using the stock headpipe worked excellent on the bottom end through the mid range and was a little soft on top. The WB Pro meg e-series using the WB tapered headpipe worked excellent everywhere and pulls strong bottom to top. IT IS JUST TO DAMN LOUD FOR ANYTHING EXCEPT DESERT USE. I'm quite frankly embarrssed to even run it on the street or in the national forrest.

I did run it during the Dual Dogs Kernville ride using 9 disks and it was still too loud but performance was excellent.

I cannot wait to try the FMF PC IV-2 with the Power Bomb. Probably this weekend if I can work it in. My hopes are high that it will perform similar to the WB but with a little less noise. Time will tell.



Let me know if and when you want to sell the Power Bomb and SA-IV/2. I am anxiously waiting your sound and performance test on the both of them. I wonder how FMF plans on putting on a quiet tip. Does it look like a tip will even fit on that thing?

I am also waiting for your test results. I also run a WB Pro Meg, I agree it is very loud (with 12 disks), but I like the power.

I was wondering if the powerbomb header would work with the WB pipe? Would it quiet down the WB pipe? If it could then I wouldn't feel so guilty riding down the street. Does this mean I am getting old?


It only means you care now. That is normal. I care too.


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