MOAB - Current Active Numbers

Actual persons participating

John W - Mississippi - May bring 2/3 others

Harold A - LA

Kevin L - NH

Brian M - San Fran

Bryan H - Colorado

Dougie - Colorado

William - Hawaii

Team Oatmeal

Mike B - San Jose

Bill H - North Carolina

John - Granite Bay

Mitch - Melbourne Australia (may bring another person)

So far, we have 12 definates. Keep up the good work guys. Once again, if you want to go, send me a response to OR just respond to this mail message.. :)


As of now, I'll be there! Looking forward to it. I have a couple of 2-smoke buddies that will really want to come as well.

(Scott - Colorado

May bring 2/3 others)


99WR,WR timing,throttle stop removed,Twin Air filter,E-Series,carbon air box,Pro Tapers,front and rear lights removed

I may bring one other person, unfortunately he rides a ktm, I hope that doesnt slow us down. but it really depends on my buddies broken femur being fully healed. Regardless Team Oatmeal Pie is ready to go. Any one know the elevation of Moab, and what kind of jetting is needed?

I'm a definate maybe, timing is just about right for a weekend ride. If it is a go for me I'll be comming through Denver on Friday and returning on monday, I could haul some extra bikes or gear if there's a need.


99 WR400




You can probably count on 4 to 7 more guys coming with me and Bryan also.


Dougie, '99 WR400

Mods: YZ timing, Race Tech Suspension, FMF PC IV, FMF Hi FLo Moto, YZ seat, IMS 3.3 tank, One Industries Graphics, Renthal bars, 14/52 gearing.


Make sure you guys keep slots for Bill, Steve and myself. I would hate to get all the way there and find out I have to hitch-hike all the way to Moab. :)


Let me know the names of those additional persons so that I may attach them to the spread sheet.


Don't forget us! Tim and I will be there for sure. Any one going from this neck of the woods is welcome to go down with us.


As far as I know, it is Bill, myself and Steve (AngryCandy) tentatively.

Latest Numbers.

John W - Mississippi - May bring 2/3 others

Harold A - LA

Kevin L & Bill - NH

Steve (AngryCandy)

Brian M - San Fran

Bryan H - Colorado

Dougie - Colorado

William - Hawaii

Team Oatmeal Pie

Mike B - San Jose

Bill H - North Carolina

John - Granite Bay

Chris and Tim - Utah

Mitch - Melbourne Australia (may bring another person)

God Damn, this is going to be flipin the greatest gathering in History. Riders of the Round Table Unite!!!!!!

Bryan will be King Arthur, Kevvie will be Sir Dance Alot and I will be the court Jester..


Mike in Roseville is in.

Will be riding with John of Granite Bay.

For carpoolers from Nor Cal, I can take one other. (3 bike trailer and Jeep Grand Cherokee) Let me know if you another wants to pool it.


Sir Dance Alot???

Hey I don't do that anymore. I only did that because I was poor and had no money. My family was starving. Oh, that's right, I was single. But IF I DID have a family, they would have been starving! I am much better than that now and would NEVER, EVER sell myself short again. Unless everyone threw in a dollar, but nothing short of a dollar and that is final!

OK, ok, maybe 50 cents. And no Mitch, not 50 Australian cents either. Isn't Aussie something like 85 cents? So, as long as I have at least 2 people with 50 cents EACH, I may again take up the name of "Sir Dance Alot". And I do take IOU's. Your credit is always good with me. And Mitch, don't you owe me something like $77.50 in American dollars? I'll just add it to your tab, old friend! What are friends for anyways?

Hey Mitch, I'm In and I live in Denver.

Kevin in New Hampshire

Are you going to ship or rent? I live in Va. and thinking about makeing the trip. What do you guess the cost will be?

I am also going to try to make the Budds Creek thing on sunday. :)

Talk to Bill about shipping the bike. He may have better numbers than I since he lives in SC. I am meeting Bill, most likely Saturday night at the hotel. We both have rooms at the Holiday Inn in Solomans, MD. He will be arriving Friday evening. I'll be there before Saturday noon. I hope to make it before everyone heads off to the track in the morning, but I have my doubts. I will be leaving work at 10:30pm Friday night. I am at the Mass-NH border on I-95. You are welcome to come and drink some brew w/ me on Saturday night. I will be bringing down New England beer. It is a darker, wheat beer. I have never had such good beer in my life than what they have up here in New England.

The cheapest way to ship a bike is through your employer if they use any major trucking companies. I am still on vacation and have not talked to the shipping/receiving guys at my job.

The best I have found so far is through:

The contact person is: Dave Urman; Allied M/B; toll free 1-877-336-1212. My cost from Concord, NH to Denver is $443.10 (each way) and that is commercial to commercial. It may be a good thing to contact a bike dealer in Denver to help out on receiving the bike. The total cost includes THEIR packing of the bike. All they ask is you drain the gas. If they ship residential to residential, the cost is more.

See you at Bud's Creek!!


Hey Mitch- I plan on driving up Friday from Avondale (near Phoenix, AZ) Staying the weekend and head out Monday. I put in for Friday off at work but won't really know until a week before if I actually can take off.


'00 YZ426

Greg C you may reach me at Can you leave Friday a few of us are going on Friday and some of us are racing on Saturday.

Email me


Hey guys. Hold tight a little while on the shipping issue. Freezer here in Denver is checking out possibilities. He just had his bike shipped to Denver from Michigan.

He's been in the hospital though with a virus. He promised to give us some good information soon.

Get well soon Freezer!


Holy Cow, I guy doesn't contribute for a couple of weeks and you guys write him off...

Count me in too. I'll also have room for one other guy in my truck leaving Denver Thursday night.

Mitch, Please also record the riding level of our participants. Nothing out there takes too much conditioning, but there are certainly technical spots that aren't for the faint-of-heart. We'll try to lay out a solid four days worth of trails. Bryan and I are planning to take an earlier weekend to GPS all the routes. Would you guys like roll charts or can we stick to local area maps?

Has someone offered to keep track of where folks make reservations? It would be nice to have a record of where everyone is staying. Just an idea...

A couple of warnings for those of you from out of town: This is a desert environment! It is dangerous. Bring lots of water. We'll lay out 50-60 mile loops with drinking water stops. Secondly, the same warning can be made for fuel. Stock WRs and XRs won't have trouble, but YZs and 2-smokers will need to carry extra. Every group of guys will also have to carry a map and compass. Trails Illustrated has several excellent maps - 1-800-962-1643.

Looking forward to finally meeting all of you,


Jet for 4500 feet.

My profile says I'm an intermediate rider. I put that in because a buddy of mine said I was. Upon further uhh, shall we say experience, I'd say I'm more like a novice. Are there going to be other riders like myself? If so I'll be able to show up late Thursday night, or Friday around noon.

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