MOAB date Oct 7-8 or 14-15??????

I have read both dates. Which one is it. There may be confusion out there. I personally prefer the 7-8 because of the holiday on Monday. Please confirm which weekend it is???? I am in either way



I hope it is Oct 7-8. Those are my commitment dates.

Oct. 7-8 gets my vote also. Also going to the U.S. Open MX thing in Vegas in late Oct.

Hey Kevin- I was a MM (non-nuke) on a boomer in the Atlantic from '83 to '87, stayed away from the fast attacks though.


'00 YZ426

Hey Phil,

I was on a Trident from 86-90 out of Kings Bay, GA (89-90). We were in EB for new construction until Jan 89. We never knew how lucky we (us nubs) were. We thought shipyard duty sucked. We were in 4 and then later 5 section duty. And then the fun began. I spent the final 1.5 years operating out of P-Can doing missle ops and Mark 48 Cert. Boy, did I come to love P-Can! What a GREAT PLACE!

Aside from the crappy times, THOSE WERE THE DAYS!

Hey Kevin-

My boat was out of Pigs Bay . . er, Kings bay, but the crew was stationed in Charleston, SC. I wouldn't extend for the Yards so I spent my last 9 months of "duty to Uncle" on a sub tender. Those were NOT the days! :)


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Canopis? (pronounced Can-o-pus)

The only time I was on that ship was to get some alloy 600 (inconel) piping to maintain my welders quals on the boat. Talk about lacking education...The few squids I met on board didn't seem too bright.

Uhmmm. . . I think I was on the Holland (I try to block that part of my life out of my memory :) ), the Canopis was still in Scotland. You think the tender guys were bad, you should've seen the dry dock crew!


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