00 WR400 for sale $4600 US

2000 WR400F for sale. All stock, renthal bars, YZ timing/jetting, good rubber. Bike is in good shape with the exception of some scratches in the plastic (nothing really bad). Has about 350kms on it. No time to use. Too many toys in garage. $6500 CDN or about $4600US. Located near London, ONTARIO about 2 hours from Detroit. email me at srocher@strat.net. Bikes go across border with no hassles.

I think your scared of the beast thats why your selling it maybe the WR 250 would be more suitable LOL

Whats the 8th vin #no?


Big joke Chris!! You talked me into buying the G-D thing and I never ride it!

Hey Scott,

That was quick !? You should have gotten a Honda Mini trail Z 50...

But the Z50 was discontinued and replaced with an XR50, so the next best thing was a WR... heh heh heh

(Sheesh, I just realized I have both, an XR50 and a WR400; best of both worlds, for any track that happens to be in my back yard the XR50 rules)

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