Honda CR 125 or Suzuki RM 125

Im looking for a bike, Im thinking about getting the RM, i need other peoples opinions. Which is better, the CR or the RM 125?

I havent ridden an RM, but i love my CR 125. Its got very useable power, it handles well, and most of all looks really really good. and its got an aluminum frame since 97... what bike did you come off?

I started on a yz 80 but it broke so now i ride my cousins bike which is a RM 85

what year are you looking on getting the rm might turn better and will have a little more power but the cr might have better suspension.

Um I am pretty sure the CR will have more power than the rm. I would go with a CR as long as it wasn't an 04, then I would go for a 134 big bore by Moto814 ( ) and be ready and set. The 1st gen aluminum frame sucks, but 2nd and 3rd gen are much better. The CR250 came out with aluminum frame in 1997, the CR125 got it in 98.

i have no first hand experiance on the RM.. but i love my 125.. suspesion is awsome.. power is decent, maybe not as much as the RM but if you ride woods then its perfect..

Something to consider is the cost of parts. I rebuilt a buddy's RM125 a while back and the parts were much more expensive.

I'm a Honda guy so, biased as I am, I would go for the CR125. But, then again, I've read great things about the YZ125's.

Best of luck. :thumbsup:

Go with HONDA!!!!! the only bikes ive ever owned were honda and they never broke down!!!

i've rode both and i think the Rm is just a way better bike. what year were you looking at?

whats so bad about the 04 cr125

it has an electronic powervalve and they were said to be really doggy

or 08 yz125

125 OF THE YEAR LIKE LAST 5 YEARS????????????

Honda guys dont get peeved

Pick whichever color you like best.


Go them RM!

or 08 yz125

125 OF THE YEAR LIKE LAST 5 YEARS????????????

Honda guys dont get peeved

It is true, the YZ IS and HAS BEEN a phenominal 125 for years and a BIG :prof: to Yamaha to be STILL making it !!

I'm a 100% Honda guy BUT I would not hesitate to get that bike over the Honda 125's from 98 on up.

From 2000 the Honda got better but seemed to get doggier motor wise, the Yamaha is just a better overall package since then but like stated before, if your just buying a dick-around-machine, then the horsepower doesn't really matter at all.

I'd have to agree with the YZ choice.CR and YZs' seem to hold up better than RMs'.But they all wear out with enough hours.

i would most definetly say that you really cant go wrong with either one depends on the years of the models but if you get a pre 2000 honda should be the better choice and probably after 2000 as well make sure you just check out the bike real well fluid levels how well the clutch grabs, you should be able to not kill bike with out using gas just let it grab slow, and listen to motor as you shift. Ask to check out air filter if they have sand in them then usually unless you want problems down the road say after 5 hours of riding usually then dont buy. i love two strokes and recommend them over the four just for the fun factor good luck

I have a CR125 and I think it is an extremely well made bike, but I rode my friends 04 RM125 one day and it seemed very well suited to my riding style because before I got the CR125, I learned to race and ride motocross on a RM80, the RM80 and the RM125 are very similiar in powerband characteristics and overall feel, except the RM125 has as much power jsut off throttle as the RM80 has in its peak power it seems. I would get the RM125 and just try to maintain it really good, because the Honda lasts longer and may be more reliable I think, but it doesn't feel as hotly tuned stock. My riding buddy and I rode together alot and I would say we put about the same hours on our machines in one summer, but by the end of the summer,my bike felt more powerful by then, because the RM125 is more hotly tuned stock and I think the pistons wear out faster, but he is a very aggressive rider too. In summary, get the RM125 if you want the faster 125, get the CR125 if you want the longest lasting bike.

Just get one and ride it Like you stole it! Long live the One Two Five :excuseme:

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