Marin Brewing Co - Mitch is in Town?

Bay Area Folks - Marin Brewing Tuesday 6/13 @ 7pm?


Hey Guys,

You may need to delay a week. I am still in Australia. A few problems before the flight. I will be in the US this Thursday, so I will catch up with you guys next Tuesday..



Mitch, et al;

I should be at my sisters in San Carlos Saturday night - why don't we try to get together then.


Done. Sold.. :)

I will be there. Is your sister cute.. :D.

Just kidding. My wife would kill me for this comment. Hi Honey.

Mitch, You make me laugh. You are just too funny!

Kevin, me, funny, naahhh. Not possible, my wife tells me I have a really bad sense of humor and cant tell a joke.... :)

I mean, hell, if she thinks I suck and you guys think I'm funny, maybe I should become gay... :D Not that there is anything wrong with that.. Seriously....

Anyways, I get funnier in person and when drunk. You know, tripping over my own feet, showing my knife to the locals... Flies eyes and all that...



My brother in law seems to think she's pretty cute - even more so now that she's got the pregnant w/twins glow around her :)

Name the brew pub & I'm there.


TWINS. Great stuff...

My wife and I are going for twins. That way she only has to go through it all once.

Which pub, your call. I am very easy. :)

OK Kevin, down boy....

Awe shucks, Mitch! :)


I'll ask my brother in law for a recommendation.

Mike in Silicone Valley - any recommendations & are you going to join us?


I'd love to join you guys. I'm in the south bay (Santa Clara) where are you located Brian? Mitchie did your pre-flight problems involve the state department and your prison record?

The life of a high flying convict continues.

My flight is now Monday. No further delays thank god.

I wil be available Tuesday night for the Marin Brew Pub. Meet at around 6/6:30. Mike, Santa Clara, is that anywhere near Menlo park? If so, I will pick you up and we can head down together.

So, 20th Of June, Marin Brew Pub.


I'm not sure where the Marin pub is? Hopefully it's not in Marin (just north of San Francisco). That commute will be a real pain in the ass during the week.


Marin Brewing is at the Larkspur Landing Ferry Terminal.


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