are there any softer seats out there????

i have a brand new wr400 that I have had for two weeks now. I have ridden this bike 2x's and have been very sore after each ride(I switched from a kdx220 so the seat was much more comfortable). My question is: does anyone make a more comfortable seat? I have heard about the yz tank and seat combo, but I don't know if it would be any better. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Yes there are softer seat options. The question you need to ask yourself is do you want a taller seat too? Do you want to stay with the WR gas tank & seat or go to a YZ style gas tank & seat.

I use a Factory Effects stock height soft foam YZ style seat foam & cover on a IMS seat base, with a Clarke tank.

This setup is much more comfortable than the stock setup. It is not in the same league as an XR seat though.


Hey Lee,

I'm running the Guts Tall/Firm seat foam with their Competition cover. I really love it! The higher seat foam really improves the seat/tank transition and allows you to move forward much better. The Guts Firm foam is still softer than WR stock, so you might want to try a regular or soft density. I’ve also never had a 'gripper' seat. It's worth the money alone.


I have the same problem as Lee, hard seat, but I would like recommendations for a softer, shorter size as well (5'-8"). I don't mind changing tanks if need be. What brands? 00' wr400


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