Some pictures from the Adelanto GP!

Who won?

You can see all of the results here:

Adelanto results page

And for those of us lucky enough to run the race, you can visit and check out the picture of yourself. I don't think they have the pics posted on the site yet, but they should soon. The spot on the track wasn't the best, I think it was 2 turns after the mud hole, but the images did turn out pretty good anyway.


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Hey Dan,

Good pics. I see you got a shot of the rear wheel of my scooter. I guess this means I'm world famous by now. Do I have to join SAG or some other actors' union?

Glad we finally met after all those posts on TT. For those who aren't aware, old Dan-o here gets around pretty good on that WR of his. So don't race him for pink slips. Good job, Dan. Good luck in the rest of the Ironman races in Best In The Desert. Since Krause went to KTM, I guess it's up to you to do it for Team Blue.


Not that I have or had the balls to run adelanto ever, but my buddy did several years ago.

For his efforts, he got the absolute coolest pic of all time. Wherever the cameraman was, he took a shot of my buddy coming into a corner 2 bike lengths ahead of both...get this...Larry Rosseler (sp?) AND Ty Davis. If you ask him about it, he'll tell you that they both came by him like 30 seconds later, both fifth gear floored, with Rosseler on one side and Ty in a one-legged wheelie on the other, flinging dead yucca trunks in their wake. He said that Ty is without a doubt the craziest-nut-F*** he's ever seen.

But in his pic, they're both eatin his roost as he appearantly has got both of em bagged, back on the gas, going away... simply classic...

I just though I'd share the story with y'all.


How did you get the pictures of LR with Casey and Super Hunky? I was standing right there and got the same shots. Could it be that you and I were both standing there and I didn't even see you?

By the way, I put the new IMS graphics on the Ty tank and ordered special "ThunderPuppy" swingarm decals from SoCal.

Your bro...

Stever, I just ran up there and snapped a bunch of pictures. Those guys were up there for a while, maybe you got there before me.

Why don't you email me a photo of your "Thunderpuppy"? I'll put it on my page. I would like to see your swingarm graphics, my swingarm has been scratched by every rock in Mojave and I need to clean it up a bit.

I sent you a Birthday card in the mail, you should get it by tomorrow.

Your Bro.. thumb.gif

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