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After an hour phone call trying to order the right shock/fork springs for my weight, my "helpfull" dealer says I need a 5.0 shock for the rear and .46 for the fork springs. He said stock for a 2000 WR is 4.8 for the shock and .42 for the forks and that the ones he recommends are the stiffest I can get from Yamaha.

I weigh 210 with no gear, am 6'2", ride mostly sandy trails with a LOT of whoops but do other general riding as well (mx track maybe twice a year max), and would consider myself intermediate (riding my whole life but not competing).

Is my dealer right about what he says? I tried several different pages on the internet and got wildly differing numbers. I appreciate (much) any help...

Did the linkage ratios change dramatically between '99 & '00? I ordered a 5.7 (or 5.8) & .48 for my '99 based off the info from the Race Tech web page. These are considerbly higher rates than the heavy springs listed in my manual - I weigh 250 lbs.


I have a set of stock 2000 YZ 426 springs sitting around if you are interested. The fork is.46 and the shock is 5.4. I only used the springs for 3 shorts rides before i switched them out. Let me know if you are interested. I would let them go to where you would save money, and I can recoup some of my money that I put into the new springs.

Go to Race Techs web site. They have a chart that captures your persomal riding information and specifics. Then provides you with spring rates and valve recommendations. It will not give you the specific valve unless your a member but it will tell you what springs to use.



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Race tech says .445 for the forks and

51052.000 for the shock... does anyone know if that means 5.1 when comparing to the other numbers (4.6/5.0 etc.)?

The yz400 and wr400 both use the same .46 fork springs for '98-'00 models.

The rear spring is a 5.0 for the wr400 and a 5.4 for the yz400.

Sounds like your dealer is trying to sell you the same thing you've already got, nice guys. I'm about 220 lbs. and I run .47 fork springs and 5.6 shock spring with 13mm of preload. I'm riding mostly MX now but for offroad I just soften the fork compression a few clicks. You should be fine with the stock fork springs but a heavier shock spring is a must for your weight.


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I think I have read here that the YZ and WR front springs were also different rates. You may want to do a search in the archives.


Bill, I did research that and they are both .46, most people assume that the yz is different but it's not.


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

Visit my photo album AT YOUR OWN RISK!! My photo album

Anyone here a sportbike fan also? Then visit us here at www.insanespeed.com


That's to bad. I think I read it here somewhere. I was hoping my buddy with a YZ who rides Hare Scrambles and is lighter than me would trade for my WR springs because I'm heavier and ride mostly MX. Figure that out?

Thanks for the clarification.

Don't get any roost on you.


Motogreg, thanks for the info; I am going to call my friendly dealer and see what they have to say for themselves...

It seems that any of the dealers I call don't know @#$$ about anything.

Realize that if you live in Europe, the stock 2000 spring rates are .42 and 4.8. I'm not sure what the European springs were in 98 or 99.


Well guys, thanks for all the help. With all of your comments and some help from Race-Tech, here is what I am going with to start:


stay with stock springs: .46

compression: click 12

rebound: click 12


Get heavier spring: 5.6

compression: click 15

rebound: click 12

I have to add, this forum is unbelievaby excellent, and I don't know how I would manage without it... :)

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