Removing Chain Guard XRL

Ok Guy's. What do you do with that tab of aluminum on the inside of the left swing arm when you remove the plastic chain guard. Not the two studs that bolt it on. It looks like it would effect the size of tire you can run because that aluminum piece would be in the way. Do you just break it off ( ). It looks like it would come off quite easily. Or, leave it:thumbsup: :thumbsdn: ?

Hi Ax. I was pondering taking mine off too, mainly because I go for the "minimalist" look. But after pondering the benefit of the built in mudguard I came to the conclusion that the functional benefit outweighs any other aesthetic benefit. In your case, I think it might be better to wait until you switch to a tire that won't clear - if you ever do. At that time, I think a dremel tool with the appropriate attachment would easily do the trick. Remember, however, it would be difficult to go back to the original set-up.

Yes, I know what your saying about going back to the chain guard. I took it off so I can get at the chain more easily. Like you said, maybe wait and see when changing to a bigger tire. I have a little way to go on the stock Dunlops. I would hate to take it off and then need to go back to it for what ever reason. Andy

I left mine on and was running a 5.10 x 18 tire and still had room left over. The mud gaurd bibleman was talking about was the one, in front of the tire, that keeps mud from getting thrown on the rear shock. If I'm wrong bibleman correct me please.


I had to take off the chain guard to fit my teraflex, but the tire cleared the tab.

The 'flex did pick up a stick and bend the tab, though, and since it was cracked a little I flexed it a few times and it broke off clean.

I don't think there's a tire out there that will hit the tab, but it might get broken off anyway.


I removed my chain guard as well because it was ugly but, when my better half wanted to go for a ride I made a minimal guard to keep her pants clear of the chain. This led me to making a chain guide and a disc protector as well. Does anyone else here like making their own aftermarket parts?



nice pieces!! i bet that shark fin didnt cost you over 100.00 either!:thumbsup:

Yes, I was talking about the tab, not the mud guard. I guess if a Terraflex doesn't hit, nothing will, so I guess I'll leave it there for now. I sure does look like it would get in the way though. Thank you guys for the heads up.:ride:

i cut all mine off and ground them smooth and polished it so it looks like there never was any there,and have a pirelli 150 on the back for street use and the clearence and look was worth it

i left mine be i figure its not a show bike so im not worried about it and somewhere down the line someone may want to reinstall it. Im sure it does look nice with the tabs removed and cleaned up though.

i left mine alone too. i run the big mt21 no prob.

I don`t know about Ohio but in some states it`s considered a safety item and must be on the bike for annual vehicle inspections.

Just for the record, the mud guard I was referring to is the part of the chain guard that keeps mud from being slung off the side of the tire onto the chain. Also, the above mention of legality is another consideration. I remember failing inspection in NJ in the 80s when I had an XL600 and took the chain guard off.:prof:

I don't find a thing wrong with the stocker :excuseme:

It's light, doesn't look bad to me, plastic, so it won't rust and serves a double purpose.

Rockjockey, your way looks like it could have a possibility of a branch/rock/whatever jamming in between the chain and plate, the stocker, being the shape it is and flexible will allow anything that might get picked up to most likely pass right thru ? Highly unlikely I guess, but does seem there is more of a chance then the stocker?

I guess anything is possible but, I have a bike for offroad and this one is not it. I use the 650L for pavement, maybe an occasional median if traffic comes to a complete halt. There is no back on the guard I made, just a piece of diamond plate aluminum roll formed along the top edge.

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