Tire Size

Well I guess it time I change my tires. I am going to get 756's front and rear. Was interested in what size rear tires everyone is running. I have a 99 WR and ride mostly in south Jersey - Fast whooped up sand trails and tight woods. Thanks,


I like the 756s, I just put a new one on the front of my WR. The rear 756 I have used was a 110/100x18 I think.


Why 756's and not 739's

Just curious.

The D756 front is light years better for sticking in the turns than the D739 - personal experience. If you don't believe me read MXA - ALL of the MXA staff use D756 front tires on their own bikes. If that isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is.

D756 rear is much better in soft stuff that the D739, and the D756 is pretty close to the D739 in the hard stuff - personal opinion.

Bottom Line - I love the Dunlop 756's.

Eric in WA

I'll echo that the 756, at least for the rear is a great set-up. The last issue of DB said that just because a tire is rated for a particular terrain, it doesn't mean it won't before well in others. The 756 is a soft terrain tire however, DB mag indicates that they love the tire's ability to paddle in the soft stuff and hook-up on the hard stuff with excellent wear.

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