Why do the stock tires have to suck so much?

Just to share some experience:

I've had my German purchased new WR400F for a two months now and all was great except for the traction - the bike would roost, wheelspin and slide given the slightest chance. I thought what happened to the famous 4-stroke traction? Today I finally swaped the rear Michelin Enduro for the Dunlop 739 - and gone is all the wheelspin!

Is there some unwritten law about stock tires having to be crap? You would expect it on XT350 but a race ready WR?

I took them off before my first ride and sold them to someone for half price.(739's) I figured it was better to get someting out of them than ride with crap tires.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

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