Tall Seat Foam - Different Manufactures?

I'm going to order a taller seat for my YZ tank/seat'd WR and I was ready to go w/Guts based on the feedback I got a couple of months ago. Now I see Stroker, Baja Designs etc mentioned when I search on taller seat/softer seat. Are they all selling the same stuff or do they each have their own density/shape?

I'm 6'4" & 250 lbs so I'm looking for the tallest seat I can find that won't bottom out/break down under my weight.



Hey Brian,

I had no idea you were such a big fella.

About the Sister crack, I was only kidding... :)

6'4", 250lbs, are you an ex footballer or something? I am 6'1" and 200lbs. I am still getting accustomed to the YZ seat and tank and the effortless sliding forward. The next step may be the larger seat foam.....


Nope - never played rugby....

I'm trying to come down to a more respectable weight before Moab.

It's a lot cheaper for me to lose weight than the bike - didn't say it was easier or quicker :)


Hey Brian,

I'm running the Guts Tall/Firm seat foam with their Competition cover. I really love it! The higher seat foam really improves the seat/tank transition and allows you to move forward much better. The Guts Firm foam is still softer than WR stock, so you might want to try an extra firm. The only down side I've noticed is that it has moved my center of gravity higher. I wouldn't have expected that much from 1" or so, but it does make a difference in the tight turns.

I had also never had a 'gripper' seat. It's worth the money alone. With my longer legs, I routinely rode way too far back. Now I’ve been concentrating on jamming my butt forward and it has made a great difference in the hill climbs and tight stuff.


PS Don’t lose too much weight – I don’t want to be the only fat guy out there!


If I remember right you're one of the 6'4" & up club...

How's the knee bend/sitting to standing transition with the Tall/firm foam? That's my biggest problem. Once they perfect a shin/thigh sectioning surgery on Bryan I may consider having it done :)



I’m somewhat frugal for most of this WR community when it comes to buying parts for parts sake. That said, other than taking the baffle out and the A-Loop/Racetech suspension, by far the best money I’ve spent is that seat. I’m happy with Guts and their customer service was excellent, but maybe any mfg would do. The seat foam, without rider, gives you the flat transition between tank and seat. It’s way more comfortable on the ‘monkey-butt.’ After a long day, in and out of the saddle, my knees feel much better. I would imagine the same could be said for the amount of effort expended in transition, but honestly, I’m is such bad shape I shouldn’t comment.

And, yes I’m in the ‘capable-of-reaching-the-ground-anywhere’ and the ‘Oh-my-God-my-legs-are-killing-me’ crew. My center of gravity is quite high! For changing light bulbs it’s an advantage – for dirt biking it sucks!


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