Snow tire question

I'm doing a little forward thinking here. I'm probably going to end up with two sets of wheels and it wouldn't be that much more to have two sets of tires. Can anyone tell me about those tires they use for ice racing? Do they come that way with the studs or do you install them yourself? I wouldn't mind having a set on hand for winter.:prof::ride:

While I have never needed one, I have heard that the Trelleborg studded tires are the ultimate. However they come with a matching ultimate price of over $250 per tire. Riders on a budget install the ice screws. They are only 10 cents a piece or so.

I seem to remember a Canadian kid here a couple of years ago that used carriage bolts through the knobs, installed from inside the tire. He said it worked great.

I've had no problem running screws in any regular dirt tire, just put them in for the winter and take them out when the snow melts.

OK guys, which is the better way - from the inside out or the outside in? I imagine the inside out way would keep them from getting ripped out, but wouldn't the heads eventually cause a problem with the tube? On the other hand, the outside in method seems easier but more likely to get ripped out. What do you recommend? Can screws from the hardware store work? How long should I get?? And I know not to get them so long they puncture the tube!:eek::ride:

Wow, excellent link Cleonard! Thanks very much. Last question: I assume you screw these in from the outside in right?

Screws are way better if you are going to be on ice only. In that case, get a set of kenda ice tires and run the screws in. Lots of screws in. I use liners and longer screws. A good ice tire will cost you as much or more than a trelleborg trail tire.

If trail riding at all, get the trelleborgs. They are carbide tipped and last much longer if they encounter dirt and debris.

"Liners"? Would they be some protective liners that go between the tire and the tube?

yeah, worn out street bike tires with the sidewalls cut off work well. There are pre-made liners available, but I have yet to try them.

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