KTM Discussion Group

Hey Bryan

What about a KTM RFS discussion group the same as the WR,YZF and DRZ groups you've got going.

I'm probably going to buy my friend's 520EXC and sell my YZF426 to another mate who has been hounding me ever since he took his first ride on it.This will happen in the next month but I would really enjoy the banter and topics we see in the other forums carried over to a KTM discussion. Are there other KTM owners (or potential) out there who would like to participate? :)

As we all know, the KTM's are great bikes and their following is sure to grow as they become available to the market.

I agree!! Why ain't there any KTM group? How can we start one?

I bet there is no KTM forum due to the poor forethought on production of the new 4 strokes and how popular they would be. With the amount of bikes that KTM imported there would only be 3 people in the forum. Im not badmouthing KTM, I wanted one in the worst way, I'm just jealous of the 3 people that have them.

why wont my 250sx shift under high rpms

There are alot of KTM's out there. In fact, they seem to be the preferred bikes for GNCC and harescrambles. They are a great woods bike. More KTM in the woods than others.

Really guys !!!...... a ten year old thread resurrection. Pretty slow over on the KTM forum is it ?? :ride: WR Dave


why wont my 250sx shift under high rpms

Dude - You got the wrong forum.... Try this one www.mybikebrokecauseitsaktm.com

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