yz426 seazed

i have a 2001 Yamaha yz426 that i got for real cheap but the eng would no kick over i thought that the cams have jumped timing but after removing the plug i soon found out that i had more on my hands she is locked up tight... well i was wondering if the 426 was known for seizing the crank or rod, it did have oil in it .

They are not known to seize. But it is possible.

well i teared it down and it was a rod, looks like she got sum fuel in the oil and i had sum small grooves in the oil pump between the two i guess it caused the rod bearings to fail =( about 275$ in parts

not bad if you got it real cheep bud

about 300$ cheep. so i hear that the 426 is a strong runing bike? i live in montana and we live to hill climb. go to you tube and serch for (billings hill climb) i think you will like it...

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