Camelbak Follow-up -- FALSE RUMOR

This post is a follow-up to my earlier posting about a rumor I heard from a MC industry source. The rumor was that Camelbak was a big time supporter of the Sierra Club.


Tumpertalk member, Harold in So Cal,(thanks Harold!) found (at a different website) and posted for us the following email from Camelbak in response to a prior allegation of "siding with the enemy." The correspondence below was enough to convince me of no wrong doing. Since the new info is posted so far down the Forum list I wanted to reiterate this it at the top of the Thumpertalk forum so that it wouldn't be missed and to redeem my conscience(I wouldn't want to be responsible for unduly harming an innocent company.)

In an email to "Greg," Camelbak Marketing Manager Lea Morrison says:

Dear Greg,

Thanks for clarifying the issue for me. In 1998, several online chat groups circulated a rumor that CamelBak donated $2.00 for every hydration system we sold to "green advocacy" groups, and specifically to Sierra Club. This is absolutely untrue. CamelBak does not financially suport the Sierra Club,

or any other "green advocacy" group, through corporate donations or product donations. It's unfortunate that that rumor is rearing it's ugly head again. As I said in my previous email, we purchase ad space within Sierra Magazine and we sell products to the Sierra Club Outings program -- both with the purpose of promoting the sale of our products to Outdoor enthusiasts. We believe the Outdoors are for everyone.


> I hope this answers your question. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can answer other questions or be of more help.


> Hydrate or Die!


> Lea Morrison

> Marketing Manager

> CamelBak Products, Inc.

> 1310 Redwood Way, Suite 200

> Petaluma, CA 94954

> 800.767.8725 x285

> 707.665.9231 fax

Thanks John - Nobel effort keeping up with the truth. That’s what we all like about Ttalk, huh?

Arai was certainly hurt by one of these ‘brush-fire’ internet rumors earlier this spring.


Thanks for the update John!

John, you absolute legend you.

Most of us are angry and scream and cry, but there are few that would take that emotion, bundle it into something creative and then act on it.

Well done


Thanks for the follow through. I didn't want to throw away my CB. I like it a lot riding in the warm weather of So. Cal.

Camelback buys ad space in Sierra Magazine? Umm, correct me if i'm wrong, but isnt that supporting The Sierra Club? Sorry, I won't be buying their products in the future.

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