420 kit - Clark

Clark - Did you go with the 420 kit? Can you give us your thoughts when complete? As you know I went with the 420 kit in December, but I am interested to hear your thoughts.

I just recently switched to a 19 inch excel wheel with 110-90-19 rear tire. This made a huge difference on the MX track, cornering is nite and day difference.

I'v not gotten to the 420 kit project yet but will probably over the next few months. I'm still evaluating exhausts and have been very busy at work. Long hours little time to work on the WR.

When I do get to the 420 project I may pull the engine and have Curtis Sparks go through the whole thing blue print it change to a stronger rod and then go with the 420 or 426 kit still trying to make up my mind.

Bike is still running great est 3000miles.


Hey Clark,

Are you going to honor us with your presence at Moab in October? Love to have you there!


There are two excellent dual sport rides in October that I would like to participate in and now the Moab activity. The first ride the Dick Allen Sierra Sarfari held out of Mamouth Ca. This is the ride which almost claimed my life on OCT 15 last year and I would like to finish it this year for many personal reasons.

The Dual Dogs Knights of the Round table inventaional ride out of California Hot sptings will ride all of the Trails that run throughout the Sequoia National monument just declaired by bad ass Clinton. After January 1, 01 nobbody will ever again be able to ride this ground. These are some of the most outstanding trails in the USA and I want to ride them before THEY ARE CLOSED FOREVER.

So for me October will be real interesting. As to the Moab activity I will monitor closely and who knows maybe I'l jump in my motorhome and make it.



Is the Dick Allen ride invite only? What weekend is it?

What about the DualDogs ride?


Both rides are signup events. Go to the Dual Dogs web site: http://www.dualdogs.com/ and you can get info, print out a sign up sheet and mail it in. I'm not sure when the Dick Allen ride is usually these two rides are a week appart. Dick Allens Yam, Honda, KTM, Husaberg phnoe # is (661)259-8460. The Dick Allen ride is usually held on Friday and Satruday. The price of admission indludes ride, motel lodging, breakfast two days, banquet dinner, and drink tickets--its pricy around $285 but worth it. The dual dogs ride is a camping activity and less expensive and usually very challenging if you ride all the hardways. If I can only do one it probably will be the Dual Dogs ride since its the last one EVER.


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