Where is the fuel screw?

where is it what does it look like?

There is a passage through the float bowl where a special screwdriver fits through. Turn it out (counterclockwise) to richen.


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Ray, go into the drz forum and click on the topic "Pilot screw tool".It has a really good pic of the fuel screw and a special tool that does make it easier to get to it.

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I just use one of the bits from my Craftsman screwdriver. The knurled part of the Protec piece is nice but not for $16.


Brian...Yeah,it's WAY to high for that little tool.It's a little more worth the price for me (drze)the starter sits directly under the air fuel screw so it's pretty tight spaced.

I used a 6mm allen bolt (cap screw)

Ground a crude blade on the end.. works a treat..

AND its FREE!! :) (well if you have to buy the bolt its $0.03!)



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