Brand New WR426 Wheels/Tires

I am thinking about selling my stock 2001 WR426 wheels/tires

I bought this bike and converted it to supermotard immediately. The set is brand new, never ridden in the dirt (only up and down the street a few times) if you are interested email me. I have not figured out a price yet so lets talk. Is there any interest in these?

I would be interested in your asking price for

18" rear wheel, if you will break the set up.

We have a 01yz with the 19", would prefer 18".


Winder till she stinks :)


Please check your PM.



I'd be interested.

Your email has my cell#

Call me.

Please check your PM board. I'm looking for a little advice on gearing (not related to the wheels).

TX -- SB

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