Had some ?'s ...airbox...uncorking... holes..xr650r water...???

I am shortly going to be unkorking my xr650r had a few ?'s about it.

First: When i cut the outside of the airbox is there a prefered way that has shown to be better. To let air in. keep water out

Second: Is cutting the airbox a bad idea if i was to be using it in the rain or riding through water.

next: Is Glue stong enough to hold the screen on the back side of the pannel on or does it need to be popriveted inplace.

Last: is there any other adjustments that need to be made to the airbox on the bike.

OH yeah:wondering about a good breathing, long lasting, easy to clean, airfilter? Thanks for your input cant waite to go ride.

And: Just as a note the bike has been dual sported dont know if that will make a difference in the way things are done or not will be 50/50 on and off road. 3 years in Germany :ride:

The screen has to be cut for the posts on the back of the side panal and you cut the holes a little small so the screen holds it's self on. There are small little round air filters (Uni Filter Air Box Vents) that fit into the holes you drill into the side cover that work even better and forget the screen. Just make sure you us a lot of them. The Golden Spectro air filter oil in the quart blue/black bottle is water proof and will not let water through your air filter if used right. Don't use spray on or other water based air filter oil. The Golden Spectro is nasty, goowie stuff but, it works. Water proof air filter oil is a must for me and we don't have much water out here.


thanks for your info on the water proof oil didn't now that existed. what did u use to cut the plastic or did u just drill a bunch of holes in it? thanks for your time

I just drilled random holes that are big, mid small. Here is some ones that has one layer of the stock back fire screen inside the side cover. The screen was cut to be pressed over the posts.


i just bought an 03 XR650R that had been uncorked, the guy i bought it form just took a drill bit and started hacking into the plastic, theres proble 40 5mm holes in the side panel in no order what-so-ever. So far it seams to breath fine with a uni filter and uncorked exhaust tip.

the diffornce between my uncorked XR and 100% stock XR is redicules! The only thing is it makes the bike a lot louder with the baffel out.

hey thanks guys for the pics and help the thing is, im over seas and cant look at the bike right now. when u say the screen was cut to go over the posts i cant picture the posts on the back so i cant get a clear idea of what u are saying. Sorry for asking to to break it down barny style. Also is there a difference between running a single exuast or running two tips. Is it worth the extra pounds?

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