Odd noise after putting on front wheel?

Hey! I just got done replacing my steering head bearings and forks seals, I'm pretty new to the whole maintance thing and I'm feeling pretty good! Sorry, I had to tell somebody, the wife could careless! <GRIN>

Anyway! After I got the front wheel back on I noticed an odd sound coming from the odometer housing. It sounds just like plastic against metal, sort of a ceaking sound. It only happens just as I begin to spin the wheel slowly, after the wheel starts to spin the sound stops. I made sure to line up the notches on the outside of the housing to the notches on the fork leg, what am I missing?????

Can anyone tell me where I can find the YZ spacer?



What YZ spacer are you refering to? If you want to eliminate the lower odometer drive all you need is a seal the same as the one on the left side of the front wheel and the spacer the same as the one on the left side of the front wheel. You get them from your Yamaha dealer. Put the grease seal in where the odometer drive went to seal the wheel bearing in place and then use the spacer. I'v run this way for 15 months. I posted the complete setup over a year ago its in the achive somewhere.


I had the exact same problem, you could only hear it when going fairly slow, it baffled me for about 20 minutes, the I spun the front wheel to locate, you need to grease the odo./seal.

Pie, I greased the piss out of it. I guess I'll take it off and grease it some more...

Clark I had heard somewhere that someone made a billet spacer to replace the housing. It'll probably run $20-30, but hey I dont mind, SHE'S WORTH IT! <GRIN>


JJ, you can get a killer billet spacer from Flatland Racing in Emporia, KS. toll free 877-375-5527 They also have a website at www.flatlandracing.com I have one on my bike. I dont know if the website has a picture of it or not but If you want I can e-mail you a pic of mine.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

I just checked the flatland racing website and they have you covered. Its $34.95 for 98-99 WR's


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

Thanks Milkman!

So are you the one that got my wife pregnant or was that the Maytag guy?


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