suspension settings on 06 450

I'm missing the manual for my 06 YZF 450 and I wanted to know what the stock settings for the compression and rebound were from the factory.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,



Thank you,


that site is a godsend.

i forgot to grab my owner's manual when i bought my bike on saturday. i just looked up the manual to do my oil change.... WAY DIFFERENT than my '03.. LOL.. i was already looking for the oil lines that ran into the frame before i came across that site thanks to the sticky in this forum. :-)

The stock settings may be different for the Australian bikes....the Euro bikes are from factory

Ridiculous that the US online site for manuals...just want your $$$

forks STD position 7 clicks out rebound/ 8 for Europe

11 out compression /6 for europe

Shock STD position 8 out rebound/12 out Europe

low speed compression 8 out

high speed Compression 1 1/2 out / 1 1/4 out europe

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