Can you bend levers without busting them?

I am in the process of installing some Rally Pro handguards on my 2000WR, and have an interference problem with the left handguard and the clutch lever. The handguard and clutch perch are in the postions I want to keep them, but the ball on the end of the lever just rubs the inside of the handguard in two places. I hate to get a shorter lever, cause then I'm losing leverage on the clutch pull, and I really don't want to cut the ball off. Has anybody ever had success in bending levers? Can you heat them up to do it, or am I just dreaming. I just need to bend it a little to get clearance. Thanks for any help.


Move the clutch perch up the bar further (towards tank)

You gain clearance and a better leverage.

Stock levers can be bent back as they are forged.. after market are cast and will break (as they do).. but I think a broken lever is worth the 1/4 of the price over a bent stock lever... :)



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Broke levers are only better if your not racing. Break one in a race and I promise you will wish you had a bent stock lever. I don't know where you buy levers at, but a new stock lever at the dealer is 12 bucks and a good after market one (MSR) is 9. :)


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I thought Honda (and KTM?) were the only forged OEM levers.

DeHandler seels forged levers as well as Moose.

Hey Tim! I had the same problem. I bought the MSR raptor short lever and boy is it nice. It's not as high tech as hydraulic, but I can tell you it sure pulls easier than the stock lever, even being shorter. The MSR raptor has three different leverage points that let you adjust the lever to your liking. I've got mine on the easiest setting.

Oh, the Raptor sells for about $35. Not to out of line.



Does the Raptor lever use the stock clutch perch?


It comes with its own. Give it a try, you wont be sorry. I will admit the first one I got broke during instal. NICE! It broke on the perch, I could tell that the metal in the perch was porus and bad though. I took it back to the dealer and they gave me a new one without much of a hassle. The 2nd one worked just fine. If you do get one I would definately recommend watching how much pressure you use on the bolt...


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