How frustrating is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Da****! It's 9:30am on Saturday morning in "rainy" Seattle, its already at least 70 degrees and it's easly the nicest day of the the whole year so far. Me beloved WR sits in the garage preped and ready, and I sit here on the God damn couch like a Fu*****!! lump of sh** feeling sorry for myself. Why you ask? Because me God damn trailer that was supposed to be done Memorial day is aleast another 2 weeks from being completed. Just about the worst part of the whole thing is, I've got no one to bitch at. My father in law is the one building the trailer! Worse yet, he's doning it for only the cost of the parts! Now what kind of a ******* would I be if I were to complain...Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Wait it gets worse, my best riding buddy broke his leg his first time out on his new XR 400, and rest of my riding friends have other plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't feel better...

Dejected, unconsolable and worthless...


Don't feel too bad I wanted to go to the

fathers day polker run this sunday but

nooooo im stuck here at work all weekend

If you need sombody to ride with i'll go

(when i dont have to work)I even have a

full size truck can hold 3 bikes also

there is a place right by my house to ride

nothing to exiting but fun! any ride is fun


00wr400 duel sported

John I'm interested! Where do you live? Contact me via my email!

Ok Bryan you won! No contest. Hope everything turns out alright and sooner than you expect!


Thumpertalk is my saving grace! I'm going to be going nuts the next 3 months! I'm living vicariously through the lives of others on this site. Please post lots of cool stories about riding trips!

JJ, I have had a herniated disc in my spine for the last 6 months and I've only been able to ride my 99 WR 3X due to lots of pain in my left leg. I have surgery scheduled for next Thursday and I will not be able to ride for 3 months! Just when you thought you had it tough... :roll eyes:


Here is salt in your wound!

Drove from Seattle to Taneum riding area on that sunny Saturday, rode 50 miles of single track trails. Views of Mt Ranier and Cascades, some snow to roost through, log crossings, stream crossings, no injuries, just railed all day!

Sometimes it just ain't fair!!

---weather today in Seattle... RAIN!

(better get father-in-law in gear, who knows when the next perfect day will be)

James Dean :)

( Alright, where do you live?)


MIDDLE FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grin...only a little one...


[This message has been edited by JJ (edited 06-18-2000).]

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