Carb Problems WR400 '00

My bike is will stall when you go to 3/4 to full throttle from an idle. Does anyone know how to correct this problem? I have adjusted the pilot and main jet with no avail. Current settings are 165 main, pilot 1 3/4 turns, #5 disc on the main jet. Thanks again for any assistance!!!


Chillydogg / Georgia

Go to the jetting spec section and check other peoples settings.

What do you mean by #5 disc on main jet.

Are you talking about the clip position on the needle jet.

What is your needle jet position.

Do you have an after market exhaust?

Do you have the lid removed?

Need more info.

When you go from idle to full throttle and it stalls, are you riding it, or is this while you have it running in the garage ? If it's the last, then that is normal, they will all do it, the best running 4 stroke will do it.


RodH Canberra, Australia<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

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2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

Yes it is #5 clip position on the needle jet. I don't have the whole lid removed, but just the funnel portion. The stop is cut which should have no effect on this problem. Everything else is stock. I actually noticed the problem when doing some carby work in the garage and reving the bike to see the effects of my doings. I was able to stop the bike from backfiring by adjusting the pilot screw. Thanks for the help!


Chillydogg / Georgia

My guess is that your problem is the needle clip position.

The middle is the stock position and even with a pipe I run the stock setting.

Depending on what you are calling position #5 this is probably your problem

Immediately go back to the stock needle position.

Richen the pilot jet to 45 or if not doing this turn the pilot screw out to 2.5 - 3.0 turns.

The stock jetting is way too lean off idle.

I suspect you corrected this problem with the needle jet and this is what is causing the problem.

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