Pro-Grip light sensitive goggles???

has anyone used these? I ordered a pair earlier today and was just wondering if anyone has used them and how well they work.



Do you have a link to where you ordered them. I want to try them. They got great reviews in Dirt bike magazine.


I have them and I like them. They are comfortable, not too expensive at about $35 for the carbon fiber ones, and yes the lenses do change. I haven't timed them to see if they take 4 seconds to change but they do change. Just watch the tear off posts when you clean the lens. They have a tendency to fall out. I just take them off before cleaning so they won't go down the drain. :)

:) These goggles are the Biz ! I've had mine for a year now and wouldn't go back to clear or fixed tint, Like Dan, I havn't timed the change but I have never felt that they were to dark / light, But there have been times when I've taken them off to find a blindingly bright day, and I hadn't realized !!!


Just what i like to hear mine are suposed to be in

tommorow(about time)i ordered them 6 to 8 weeks ago.Price dont remember somewhere around $60.00


I purchased the Pro Grip goggles from I've used them several times and really think they are great! I haven't had any fogging, and the light sensitive lense works well. It is pretty cool when you are riding and you don't realize that they are getting darker, then you take them off and see the difference!


cool, I dont know where you can order them, I just bought em from my local sports shop.



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