911-emergency assistance needed!

Changed oil on '00 wr, overfilled it so I pulled the frame drain bolt to drop the oil level. When I replaced the bolt I only hand tightened the bolt, thinking I might have to add more after checking it. The level was right and not thinking I went for a 30 min ride from home. Homeward bound, you guessed it, lost the bolt and all the oil. Engine seized temporarily locking up the wheel sending me skidding for 40 feet. Pulled in the clutch and popped it freeing up the cylinder and restarting the bike then pulled over and quickly killed it. Only then I noticed myself and the bike covered with oil--drain bolt nowhere to be found. Left the bike, walked home and got the truck. I stuck a temporary bolt in the hole, added a quart and tried to start. No go. Piston moves but not very much compression. Am I screwed or am i screwed? Your opinion/advice greatly appreciated!

Do you have a workshop manual and a bit of spare time??

You deff have the time now!!! :) (sorry)

Start by pullng the head and barrel off (hoping that its only the barrel and piston that are wrecked and not the cams, bottom end, crank etc)

Let us know so we can help..

It does sound like you have a major on your hands though.



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you're unlikely to have damaged the valve area. that siezed feeling will be coming from either the big end or the piston.

i'm guessing that the big end has locked up first & that the piston & barrel will just be in a very worn state.

if they nikasil the barrels on these you can give the barrel a hone & try a new piston. a little line in the barrel honed over should see you saving a couple of bob here.

if it's a steel liner then i bet it's time for a rebore. if both cylinder/piston & crank have gone there is a silver lining; get yourself the upgraded rod to go with that 450cc conversion you always wanted!

over here in england when this happened to my old duke i used to have the crank reground & when i did a big one on the big end have it welded up & re-nitrided.

your crank is roller bearing so should be ok

your barrel is plated & you should be lucky

looks like piston + rings then (dont forget the oil)

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