bike woes

been off the bike a while due to injury but now that I'm all healed up I'm ready to hit the races again but the bike needs a lil work . can anyone give me a refresher course on the quickest, easiet way to acces the carb? my bike is an 05 wr450f. thanks for your help.

Here's what I do.

I take the airbox side rubber off the carby first, then I undo the motor side allen bolt on the rubber on the front of the carb. I now pull the carby off the motor. You can tip the carby over to each side to get to the top and bottom for jetting changes.

If you want to pull the carby completely out, then undo the throttle cables and disconnect TPS before to do the previous.

Do a search here, there's pics on the whole bangdoodle of accessing & jetting

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