Bass lake dual-sport ride anyone?

This weekend I'll be going to a dual sport ride in Bass lake (California)for fathers day, my dad and I will be riding our WR's, Anyone going? Dan

My son David and I are going, Dan. Not sure until Friday evening if the wife & girls are going to make it. If they are coming, we'll be in a yellow motorhome & black bike trailer. If not, we'll be in a '91 blue S10 pickup. Hopt to see ya there! We're still trying to get our act(s) together after last weekend's Sequoia Scenic Challenge...

Steve, sounds great!! I'll be in a 99 Red Suburban with a green trailer (hard to miss) hope to see you up there, Dan

Do they still run MX at Mtn. High?


Bill, I dont think that they run MX at Mnt. High, but their are many places in that area to race, LACR,Adelanto. But Bass Lake is hours north of there. See ya, Dan

where is the beginning of the run starting from? I'd like to show up for the run.


I used to live in San Luis Obispo and went to many races up there in the 70's and 80's. To bad I just compared it this weekend to Budds Creek. Both are VERY senic tracks!


Bill, SLO is a beautiful area, many clubs put on dual-sport rides there, here in CA we have more than just desert you just have to travel a little to get to some good riding spots. See ya, Dan

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