a friend of mine who races a yz400 broke both his arms and wrists during a race. the doctors put a steel plate in one of his arms but there where some complications the plate broke inside his arm and they had to re opperate and graph skin off of his thigh to replace the missing skinn on his arm. now all the operations are done and something wasn't done right and his arm is badly infected. the doctor say they might have to amputate his arm. also he has already sold his bike because he cant work and has no way of making money.

So thoes of you that are complaining about a broken trailer or whatever you should feel lucky and be gratefull you arn't in this guys shoes.

My prayers are with your friend


My prayers are with your friend as well. Here is to hoping the doctors can get things worked out.

Ray I had a operation go wrong that the doctors did on my shoulder it got ifected bad, they thought it was in may bones ,had to have [2] more operation to fix the first one and the names for the drugs I can't even spell there names, but they got me fixt up and I'am fine now hope they can do the same for your friend god bless.

monty wilson


Tis the greatest sport on earth

But alas, a most perilous one

Beware its titillation

A Lethean tonic to some

Of its risk we forget

Full throttle cocked on

Because what is life

If you can’t get it on

Y'all give your support to a fallen man

And for this I must shake your hand

Your thoughts and prayers will give him strength

And on his feet Ray’s friend will land

And you take care too

My friend Ray Lebreton

My thoughts are with your friend

His life WILL go on


Hi Ray,

I am truly sorry about your friend. John from Granite Bay, good for you.

Ray, you are right. I too am guilty of sometimes complaining about trivial things. Your friend must be suffering something that is as real as it gets. Something that we all bare down deep and always wish upon nobody. But, unfortunately, this is something we deal with daily. It is not the bike as it is not the gun. Unfortunate accidents happen to us all daily. In some cases, life altering.

I think all that read this need to contemplate the risks involved in this sport and understand that we are all mortal and that what effects us, effects those we love.

Ray, my ankle was infected once and I was lucky to get to the doctors in time otherwise I may also have lost it. There are things that can be done. if not in your area, I am, certain that I can refer a doctor from San Francisco that helped me out. Just let me know and I will track him down.

Good thoughts goto your friend.



What a bummer! I hope this has a happy ending. I assume you're in Canada. Do you have disability insurance there?

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