Colorado jetting inquiry and question for DSP owners

2000 WR with DSP exhaust / Main - 178 / Pilot - 45 / Factory (DRS) Needle and position (3rd) / 2 Turns / Airbox Lid Removed / WR Timing

First of all, did the exhaust, throttle stop, airbox lid right after break-in and jeez, it's like another motorcycle. 0 to blurry in 2 seconds.

Guessed on the jetting based on the tables/posts. I am in the Denver area, 5-6k feet. I will also be riding in the Steamboat Lake area over the fourth 8-11k feet. Any suggestions or tips? Seems close based on the around the block at Mach 2 test. I did notice it needed the hot start to fire up when cold at an outside temp of 70. (Too rich pilot?)

A question for DSP owners. At the silencer/arrestor junction (where the springs go), how much of the pipe did you get into the silencer? There was only 3/8 to 1/2 inch on mine with the stock hanger locations. It seems like it could slide in there a lot more? Any info is greatly appreciated. Sounds and looks cool as hell (loud)!!!


The muffler doesn't slide all the way onto the pipe, just about 1/2 inch or so until the mount lines up. I was putting mine on and thought the same thing until I called board member "John in Long Beach" and he said his was the same.


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I can't help with the jetting for you pipe, but I ran Han's Peak this weekend and have some basic tips. I'm running the stock pipe with a 45p/168m/2nd clip jetting. This has worked well in the Rampart/WP range. It ranges from 7-8,000ft, but has been quite warm. Steamboat, on the other hand, was cool. We broke snow on a couple of trails that wen't even very high. Given a little more altitude and cooler air, my jetting was spot on. It bogged a couple of times when I was trying to clear mud bogs :) but I'm sure it wasn't the bike's fault :D

Routt County Trail Riders have their annual trail cleanup this weekend. If you participate, you get invited to their Enduro. It's supposed to be one of the funnest events of the year. It is amazing when a community actually supports off-road activities!


Hey JKC. Welcome!

Many of us live in Denver too. We are riding tonight (Rampart 06/19) after work if your interested.

Your setup seems a little rich for higher altitude stuff. Personally, with WR timing I would go a little leaner on your main and drop your clip to #2. This depends on the bike though and some run OK with your current setup.

When I had WR timing, I had to drop the pilot to a 42, the clip to a #2 and the main to a 165/168 for high altitude stuff like Red Cone because I fouled a plug about every 50 miles. But others I ride with run a 45 pilot, #3 clip and a 168 main.

Your DSP pipe should probably allow you to go a little richer than me though.

I depends on how daring you are. If you want to be conservative, go to a #2 clip and about a 172 main. If you want to be daring to see how it works and don't mind changing things if you foul a plug, stay with your current setup.

Let us know how it works,



Check out my settings in the jetting spec section, my bike is a 2000 with a tapered DSP

My jetting seems to be absolutely spot on from 0 - 5000ft.

So maybe use my settings, or maybe lean out the main or something like that for higher altitudes.

My bike carburates perfectly.



Actually, your settings are what I based my first crack by, as your bike setup is the closest to mine, the difference being I have yet to change to YZ timing. I'm not sure, but I think that makes a difference. Also, I am aiming more for the 5000 to 10000 foot median so I think I should go leaner on the pilot than you. All just conjecture till I get up there and open her up. Thanks for the response and I'll let you know what I find.


P.S. - The "J" in JKC is for John as well.

MotoGreg - Thanks a lot, that makes me feel better, thought I had a bogus unit.

Jake - Thanks for the numbers, I am going to try a different setup (see below). Unfortunately, I won't be in SBS this weekend but I'll definitely let my riding buddies up there know about the cleanup. Maybe we'll se you up there the week of the fourth, you can't miss me, I'm the one with the yet to be scratched WR!

Bryan - Thanks for the response. Unable to make Rampart tonight but I'm sure we'll meet at some point. I think I'm going to try the 172 main, 2nd clip and leave the 45 pilot. I will post the results.

I was putting around in the street yesterday and noticed at low speed with the throttle closed it would cough and bog when I pegged the throttle open. Any ideas on this? I did a search and found a Glenn Lyles had this problem as well, but no message about a fix.

Oh yeah, one last question, after shutdown and placing on the sidestand I get a few drips out of the float bowl overflow hose (the one at the very bottom of the carb. Is this normal or did I skew something when I had the bowl off? Again, great board and any tips are appreciated.


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