Going to Pismo with the BRP

Just about to leave for Pismo. Got everything loaded and was doing the final check on the toy-hauler and found the starter solenoid on the generator was clicking a little so I went and bought another. Put it in and blew a fuse, replaced the fuse and the fuel pump blew a hole in the side and smoke started pooring out. DON"T LET THE SMOKE OUT!!! Never let the smoke out, if you do it won't work anymore. It was working fine till I fixed it. Seems like everything becomes a fight to leave. Still determend to go, there will be 10 CR500R's to race and some on NOS. Few BRP's and some XR4's. Should be fun once I get there.

It's magic smoke. Once you let it out you can't put it back in. The magic smoke is what makes it go.

cr500 2t on nitrous????????? WTF

now we know where the magic smoke on "Lost" comes from. :thumbsup:

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Cover your bike in wd40 or it will be rusted before you get it off the truck.

Lewisclan from this group wanted something that would beat the XR650R he had so he got into CR500's and put two of them on nitrous. Still got beat last year by an 680cc XR650R. Now one of the four CR500's he has has been even more crazed engine wise to compete.

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