DRD pipe on a 07 WR450?

Just ordered up the new DRD Alum/stainless exhaust system for the new 07 WR450 today. Has anybody else run it yet on their 07? Any pics of it installed? The pipe will be here tomorrow but the bike won't until Saturday, and I'm impatient to see what it will look like on a new WR.

I've seen pics and it looks awesome. Must be 3 or 4 inches shorter than stock. I worry about the db level riding at ohv areas. Get it sound checked and let us know how loud. Also how much $$$. Muchos Duckets?

When I ordered it today they said it weighs in under 6 lbs. Which is good since I'm trying to shave as much weight off the bike as possible. The pipe is supposed to sound check at or below 96 db with the quiet core insert. The website doesn't clearly state this but the Stainless one does come with a spark arrestor included. I will know for sure about the db after a sound test the last weekend of Aug when racing season starts up again. I already had the quiet core from one of my older bikes left over, so I didn't have to buy that. But since I'm in Ca. I had to pay tax so it came in just over $600 shipped. Damn state tax :banghead: , but it will be here tomorrow.

I have one on my 07 and I am exteremely pleased. See my garage for pics.

I have one on my 07 and I am exteremely pleased. See my garage for pics.

i have it on my 06 and it did wonders. well built, not to loud at all really helped the bottom and mid range of the motor! :ride:

Love it, great product. Looks good too! :applause:

Check my garage photos...


Thanks guys but those are all the old style DRD. I was looking for pics of the new style pipe on an 07.

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