need help with Clutch problem

Just bought a refurbished asv clutch lever and perch($15 ebay) anway took old one off, put new one on and now there is no tension on the spring where it hooks into push lever. what Im I doing wrong or not doing. took screw out that holds the seat plate in, if i turn that towards rear of bike it has tension but no way to put screw back in. Cant figure it out. so I put it back in the way it was. I looked at my book but it doesnt show or explain it clear enough(I need pictures) the bike is a 2001 426 :confused:

Compare the two lever/perches. The distance between the pocket in the lever for the cable, and the end of the adjuster where the cable housing goes needs to be close to the same. I'm guessing this is an '06-7? On mine, I used the ASV lever only in the stock perch; no such problem.

when I bought the lever it was listed forall yamaha up to 2003 and older yzf that dont require hotstart. Im going to try and use the old perch and see if that helps. thanks for the help gray

gray you are amazing I used the old perch and presto problem solved. Thank you for everything. your knowledge and willingness to help are the reason why alot of us come to this website. I cant say thank you enough. :prof::thumbsup:

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