Going 4-stroke! 250f or 450?

you must have lots of riding experience. to handle the 400

Vinny came across to me he is nervous on riding a 450 and if he is, then he should go to a 250.

I am nervous about riding a 450, if i wasnt, it would be no question, i would get the 450. I am very comfortable on my 125, but would just like a little more power, i am very tired of my bike "falling off the pipe" when i hit a small kicker jump before a big jump, then i dont clear it. I am also very used to ringing my bike out, and i have fun doing it, so i think the 250f sounds like a logical choice. :thumbsup:

I cant see why so many people say the 450's are so powerful and hard to ride.

I love my 450F too, but have you been on a 250F? It's just that a 250F is so much easier to ride fast on a tight, jump track. Those things are not slow, they get the power to the ground almost perfectly(just twist the throttle however much you want and the bike performs like it's got traction control), and will beat down someone on a 450F on a tight track with jumps. It's also lighter and shorter(good for cornering).

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