Some differences between the Vortip and Baja Baffle!

I have here in front of me the "Vortip" from Fineline Suspension, and the "Baja Baffle" from Baja Designs. Both units are suppose to be similiar in design, but I had to see for myself, so I ordered both. I thought I would post the differences in the two in case anyone is thinking about getting one. I would also like to hear from anybody who has tried the two. I would like to know if there is any noticeable difference in hp or low-end pull between the two. The folks at Fineline said they are no longer making the Vortip; they are selling only what they have remaining in stock. Baja Designs told me they got a license to make basically a copy of the Vortip. Here's the differences:

The Vortip has 3 pipes that extend back into the spark arrestor cage. Two pipes are 5/8"(o.d.): one is 5.25" long and the other is 4" long. The longest pipe is flared out (or belled) at the end. The 3rd pipe is 1/2" o.d., and is about 3" long. The pipes appear to be stainless, but I'm not sure (I'm not into metals). Inside the baffle just upstream from the turned-down tip is an angled steel partition of some sort. It appears to deflect the exhaust gases in different directions (vortex?). The turned-down tip also appears to be stainless, and is about 1.25" o.d. The welds and finish are top notch. A quality looking product.

The Baja Baffle has the same dia. and length internal pipes, but Baja Designs has added a 4th pipe. It is 5/16" o.d., and about 2" long. The pipes are arranged similarly to the Vortip. The pipes are a different kind of steel, but I'm not sure what kind. The Baja tip is 1.5" o.d., and is chromed. The tip does not curve down like the Vortip, but is angled down (see picture in Baja Designs cataglog). Overall construction, including the welds, does not appear to be as nice as the Vortip. There is no internal deflector or partition of any kind in the Baja tip.

I have only tested the tips at this point for loudness. I don't really want to run one very long because I have to return one of them. The Vortip is definitely quieter than the Baja Baffle. The Vortip makes a better seal when slipped into the spark arrestor. There is enough of a gap around the pipe on the Baja Baffle (can feel the leak) that I think it would need some hi-temp silicone to seal it off. Just by looking, it seems like the Baja Baffle would be freer flowing than the Vortip. My question for you engineers: does a freer flowing tip automatically mean greater hp. I know the differences in hp would be small, but it would be nice to know. Right now I'm leaning on keeping the Vortip. It's cleaner looking, and it's quieter. The latter being a big advantage for me for the areas and kind of riding I do.



Thanks for the review Tim. I've been want ing that info for some time now. I find myself needing to use my stock baffle alot and absolutely hate it! I'm undecided about which exhaust I'm going to buy and would like something to "tide me over". I'd sure would be curoius to know how the two differ as far as power, any chance you'll ride both?

The exhaust issue is tough. Idealy I would like the exhaust to pull harder than stock unbaffled, and be about 95-98 db. Good luck!

Tim I live in WA as well have you heard anything about a db limit at any of the places you ride? I haven't, just curious.



I've been riding in Eastern WA for years, and have never been checked for noise.

As for testing both baffles, like I said, I have to return one of them, so I need to keep them clean. If I do venture out for a quick ride to test them, I don't think it would be long enough to really draw any conclusions. But who knows. I guess it won't hurt to check! I'll try to test them tomorrow, and let you know.



I tried both tips, and if there is a performance difference between the two, I think it would take a dyno to measure it. The Vortip is quieter, but only by a small margin. As for running totally uncorked, there may be a small performance increase, but due to the short distance I went, I really couldn't tell much between running with one of the tips installed vs. going without any. Also, I'm running stock jetting, so I would imagine the bike would run better if it were jetted for no baffle.

I do know that the hesitation my bike has right off idle (common problem) is more pronounced without a baffle installed :). I remember reading somewhere on the forum that an adjustment to the fuel screw may alleviate the hesitation. I guess it's time to try! I've been procrastinating making any jetting changes because my bike has been running great, except for the hesitation. I've got a Canadian 2000WR.

As another note, I have to mention that thanks to the generosity of one of our fellow forum members (Wedge), who donated his US stock exhaust to my cause, I replaced the highly restrictive CAN exhaust on mine with the stock US one, and there was a very noticeble difference in power. Thanks again Wedge! Hope this helps JJ.


PS: I'm going to keep the Vortip.

Thank you very much Tim, much appreciated.

What do you think of the sound level versus stock w/the baffle and w/o the baffle. I know it's somewhere in between, but where?

Thanks again!


Related question: I have heard that on XR 400's at least, the vortip plus a jet job yields performance almost as good as if you get a whole new pipe (White Bros.?) Does anyone know if this is true? For an XR or WR?

Hey JJ,

Here's how I would rate the sound levels of the two baffle inserts as compared with the stock baffle in place, and stock exhaust with no baffle at all (uncorked):

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the quietest (stock baffle), and 10 being the loudest (no baffle), I'd rate the Vortip at a 2, and the Baja Baffle at 3. How's that for rocket science? They're both really quiet! Hope this helps.


What the hell would we do without this forum?

Thanks again Tim!


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