Handlebar Risers

Have any of you big and tall riders seen or tried handlebar risers? How did they work and where did you get them?

The bike I saw these on was a Husaberg and they fit on top of the existing bar mount to lift and move the handlebars forward. An alternative to repacing the whole triple clamp.

James Dean,

I have the Thumper +1" risers & I don't know how I rode w/o them.

There has been lots of discussion about bar risers & tall seat foam. I used to think I was alone in my quest for big guy ergos on a motorcycle.... this site has given me new hope (Sometimes I think it the 6'4" & Over MC Club :) ).

I run Thumper Racing +1" Bar risers on an Applied Racing Top Clamp. I went this route for two reasons - 1. Applied clamp moves the bars forward 10mm 2. The Applied clamp uses removable bar mounts - I really don't like the 'add-on' bar risers.

If you want to run a Scotts dampener you need the +1.5" risers from Thumper


Are the Applied Racing triple clamps with risers the only setup anyone has tried? I'm sure they would be stronger and better.

I'm running the Thumper Racing 1.5" risers with Jimmy Button Renthals. These combined with a taller seat from Guts, has helped my knees immensely. I try to stand as often as possible to catch my fast, short-legged buddies – man do I get tired!

I really like the improved ergos. I can’t speak to the half inch or so it moves the bars forward, but the added height is great. I wish I could bend the Renthals a little straighter, a la CR-HI’s, but that’s being picky.

The only downside to them is their weight. Thumper Racing is used to building things for the XR600 crowd that obviously doesn’t care about weight. I’ll be they weigh 2-3 pounds. In this age of machined aluminum and titanium, I would have expected better for the $80.


James Dean,

I would recommend the Applied Racing triple clamp with the with the tall bar mount and get the one that pushes the bars farther forward than stock. I am confident that this will improve your riding position on the bike plus providing a more comfortable transition from sitting to standing and make you much faster. You are going to need every little advantage you can find if you don't want to get spanked by girls.

No Kidding,

Originally posted by tree lover:

James Dean,

I would recommend the Applied Racing triple... You are going to need every little advantage you can find if you don't want to get spanked by girls.

I know of at LEAST a dozen guys who couldn't SEE that girls dust let alone EAT her dust. Make no mistake, there is one fast female rider out here who can cross logs, streams, hills, and humbles lots of guys. (and a nice lady no less) Very impressed.

I found high bend bars did not do the job for me (194cm) so handlebar holders turned upside-down between the stock triple clamp and bars raised everything to the right height. You will also need longer bolts to accomodate this mod. It does not move the bars foward though.

LJN, good idea, would like it more forward though.

Brian, what was the thread for? could you retry the thread.

James Dean,

It's another thread that morphed into a bar riser discussion. Topic is 'tumper racing site' posted by milkman2544.


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James check out the BBR site. It looks like they in the process of making risers. Enter the site and click on projects. They're located in Kent!



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