On the lighter side.......

Man thats awesome!

If I tried that you could't Drive a Toothpick Up My Butt With a Sledgehammer!

Bonzai :)

That is really cool. Bonzai you could wheelee across it with the toothpick :)

As I scrolled down across the picture, all I could say was "HOLY CRAP" :)


U da man! I've been there many times...on a mountain bike and the motorcycle...and wouldnt even think about walking out there...much less riding it!

Just a quick question though...what did you do when you got to the other side? As I recall, all you really can do is turn around (somehow) and come back due to the steep rock face waiting for you...

By the way, what's that dark stain on your back side in the picture? Was it muddy that day or is that something else... :)


WoW! really cool pic!

....Right click, "save as wallpaper"

....Right click, "save as wallpaper"

....Right click, "save as wallpaper"

....Right click, "save as wallpaper" :):D:D

Ah ha, that's the scary part of the trick. You actually follow a sweeping right hand turn up the opposing face, kind of like the 'ol basketball toilet bowl around the hoop kind of thing. Like I said, the line is actually really easy, just very exposed. There is NO room for error :):D !!!!

The thing on my back, wish it were something cooler, but it's just a backpack :D !



It is pictures like this that make me wonder why the hell I still live in Michigan. Don't get me wrong, I love having 4 seasons (sometimes in one week, yesterday 61 today 25 and snow). But you have to look at that shot and say WOW! Too Cool.


Thank you for sharing this. What an incredible view!

:):D I hate you ...I hate you ...I hate you....AAgghh ...we have NOTHING like that in "Good old UK"

That is REALLY impressive and 10/10 for Balls and style, top photo! thanks for sharing :D


Man!!! You've inspired my first post...no more lurking for me!

Seen it twice on a mtn bike, but stayed far far away. You are brave indeed!

It's a long drive from Toronto to Moab, but no question that trip is now on my radar screen again...this time with some horsepower! :)


My palms got sweaty just lookin at it. Wallpaper it is!!

Wheres a rag?

Excellent picture - gotta hand it to you, I doubt I would give it a go... 7 year old son just said "cool, can we go there?" Ahh, the confidence of youth...

BTW, does your wife know where you go and what you do when out dirt riding? :)


Ok, so I'm bored at work, and just got done reading like 39 posts on "Idiots" :D ! Let's try something different than petty quibbling :D !!

For those of us lucky enough to get to ride the lovely landscapes of Moab, how about seeing some of our crazier pictures. This has just been sitting on my desktop since Thanksgiving, and I guess I'd like to share it with y'all. Has anyone else ever tried the line over the arch on Poison Spider?? Besides the scary factor, the line is no big deal, as long as you don't mind 800ft drop to one side, and 60ft to the other :) !! I wish my buddy had gotten more of an action shot, or at least another photo, but this is all I have.

C'mon, let's see um!! :D:D I hope this works?!


Dodger, VERY cool picture!!! Dont look down.....


I feel queasy. No way, not ever. You'd have to drug me and drag me !!

Hoo Hah! Butt Puckered! And I'm talking about mine in this chair.

Been there many times and just drove right past it. There are many things I will try out there but that is not one of them.

Wish my signature was working. I have to find another photo shop. PhotoPoint is down and I can't get my pics back. I've got some great pics of guys out there.

If you have never been out there, do what you can to ride Moab at least once in your life. You will die a happy man. And it might just happen out there :)

I have a few pics of Moab, but not so extreme. Here is a pic from last Saturday, the 23rd.


It is a cliff drop from the Monitor and Merrimac area. Loads of fun! I'm going down to Moab again this weekend if anyone wants to meet for some great riding!


[ February 27, 2002: Message edited by: blackie ]

Hey Yama.dude;

Nope, don't have a little Mrs. to worry about me out on my bike. But I told my Mum about the line, she lives 3 states away and I almost felt her hands reaching throught the phone to strangle me :D !

Hey, what you gonna do except go for it :D:D !

Blackie, cool photo, I haven't rode Monitor/Merimack but plan to, have gotten many thumbs up on that trail. Hey, were going to be out again sometime around mid March, we should see about hooking up for a ride :):D !

Thanks y'all!


[ February 27, 2002: Message edited by: Dodger ] :D

[ February 27, 2002: Message edited by: Dodger ]


Hey, I would like to meet anytime for Moab riding! Let me know a week in advance when you plan on going down and I will make arrangements to meet you.


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