Here we go again...... another poll

This one is at

Go get em boys!

[This message has been edited by Heywood (edited 06-19-2000).]

Heywood, I think the link is down. This is the message I received when I tried it.


File not found

Our Web servers cannot find the page or file you asked for:

The link you followed may be broken or expired.


I will try again in a couple of days.

Voted and sent it to 5 others! Thanks for staying on top of this!

Just as I would suspect from MSNBC. As soon as the poll starts leaning away from their views, they take it down. :)


Sorry - I was wrong. Keep trying it, if it fails for you. This link seems to be hit or miss with my connection.

[This message has been edited by Jake (edited 06-21-2000).]

The site seems to be working ok now. I just voted and hope everyone on the forum does also.

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