revalving the suspension

So im falling in love with my 01 426 all over again now that im getting faster, but i know the forks need to be revalved... is this a job i could tackle alone or do i need to send it to a professional? if so, how much will it cost? my semi pro friend tells me the only thing holding me back from being much faster is the wear on my bike, and id really like to be able to race. thanks!

You'll need the right tools like a cartridge holder, allen socket/ wrench for the compression bolt, seal driver (you can make your own out of pvc), and a fork oil level gauge. It's not that difficult to set it up for your own weight and riding ability/ style as long as you choose a company that tells you which shims to use for the low/ high speed compression stacks. They are usually only a starting point so you might have to fool around with the stacks a little after trying out the recommended starting point. I used the Ultramax kit from and it came with detailed instructions for the stacks and some nice valves.

I had my 06 revalved by litz racing which is about 1 hour and a half from me and they are at most of all of the races Iam at. They done a terrific job to my suspension and it is amazing how it handles. The price tag was I believe was $380.00 tax and all,but was worth it because I didnt have any of the tools and I wouldnt have had a clue to where to start. He had to measure and mic shims, grind parts of the suspension and and other things I didnt know how to do. IMO it would be worth someone else to do it so it could be done right.

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