FMF Megamax II sound level test

Having recently installed an FMF Megamax II pipe on my 99 WR (stock header, WR timing), for the main purpose of reducing exhaust noise, I thought I'd do some sound level testing to see exactly what I got. I joined a local dual-sport club (the WDSRC) which requires exhaust noise levels to be at or below 92 dBA, measured at idle, 20" off to the side of the tailpipe, in order to participate in organized club events.

I have been using 8 discs with the quiet core installed since I got it several weeks ago. I also had 3 extra discs. This explains why my tests were for 8 and 11 discs. I tested the noise with 4 discs/no quiet core for comparison purposes.

Here's the results:

8 discs, Quiet Core- 83 dBA

11 discs, Quiet Core- 84 dBA

4 discs, No Quiet Core- 87 dBA

8 discs, No Quiet Core- 91 dBA

11 discs, No Quiet Core- 92 dBA

As you can see, this is a quiet pipe, even without the insert. While I have been very happy with the added power this pipe has given the bike, I settled on keeping the 4 disc/no insert combo for a little while to see how it runs. I'll keep you posted. If anyone has any suggestions for further testing, let me know.

Rich Bumar

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[This message has been edited by Rich in Orlando (edited 06-19-2000).]

I ran 10 disks without the quiet core and tested at 98db by the USFS and was pleased with the performace. Sounds like similar results. As I have stated many times if this muffler system fit under my Carbon Fiber side panels it would still be on my bike for conditions which require quied exhausts.


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Clark did the power compare to your new FMF with the power core?

Sound levels seem to be just about right for everyone. I'm wondering if anyone knows how the Megmax compares power-wise to the stock WR silencer w/o the baffle?



The new PC IV-2 when run with the Power bomb header has better performance than the MM II. But it is louder and the MM II, the MM II is a good all around system.


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