I'll be riding in Mammoth Lakes and other spectacular areas of California's Eastern Sierras 7/23 thru 7/28. I have knowledge of several hundred miles of roads and trails that visit ghost towns and mining sites. A street legal bike is required. I rate the riding on the easy side, 100-150 miles per ride. Anyone care to join?



The mine exploring and ghost towns sounds fantastic!!! I'd love to join you but I don't think I can on short notice. However, I will be off work that week to do chores around the house. If by chance I get the "honey do's" done maybe, I say maybe, I'll shoot over for a couple days. Let me know where I can find you. Vehicle description etc.

It's a slim chance this time but I would definately like to join you sometime in the future. Let me know when you are ready to go again and I'll see if I can make it. My e-mail is

Are you going on the Moab trip?

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