Opinions about the White Bros. E2 slip-on Exhaust

I have a 99 YZ400F and i wanted to upgrade my exhaust from a older style FMF to the White Bros E2 slip on Exhaust pipe.

Does anybody have one on there bike and if...does it give you bike any noticable performance increase??

Also...... $359 a good deal for that Exhaust????

Thanks for all of the input!!!!!!

Patrick M.

I have one on my 06 450 and i think it is def. worth the price.. it gave me alot more of a bottom end snap that i was lookin for. Plus it comes with the removable spark arrestor which is great for woods riding. Not to mention it looks great. IMO its a great pipe for a good price.

Same as 06 450 rider, i purchased one to eliminate the db from thie factory pipe for woods riding. Works extremely well and well worth the price. An a+ for the removable spark arrestor and screen. Easy to remove and have a great pipe for the track also. Well worth the price for a good pipe.

I was just going to post this very question. TT is awsome. Thanks for the info.

i have one on my 426 but mine came with it so i have nothing to compare it to but i can tell you its fast, looks good, and sounds great!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but i also have one on my 06 450. AWESOME pipe!! I think i got mine for like 340 otd.

my bad, i thought it said e series not e2. i have an e series.

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