Locking up your bike

To anyone who has a street-legal WR....

I have a 2001 WR250F on order and would like to put a BD dualsport kit on it. I am a little worried about securing the bike in public places. (At least the Suzukis have keys.)

How do you lock your bike when you are out & about?

U lock & cable.

A buddy of mine carries a street bike front disk lock - looks like a mini U-lock. Just remember to remove the lock before you try to impress everybody w/a holeshot.....


Two small combo padlocks, one on each brake disk. Small & light enough to be carried in your pocket, don't have to worry about losing the keys. Won't deter someone who wants to pick the bike up & carry it away, but keeps someone from riding it away. Also works with street bikes.


When I go any place "public" and need to leave my bike, I bring a cable and lock the rear wheel and frame to something solid.

I have thought of a hidden ignition cut off switch, but these things would be hard for a "layman" to start and it would make a bunch of noise if they did get it started.

I worry more about someone pulling up and throwing it in the back of a truck. Disc locks won't help much with this scenerio.

My $0.02.......

A big padlock through the rear sproket will stop most thieves except for those with bolt cutters.

I do a have freinds that have had their 4-500lb. street bikes ripped off when they were not locked to something solid. If they can p/u a street bike and throw it in the back of a truck, the WR would be a piece of cake. I'd do a rotor or sprocket lock and a chain or cable to some fixed object. Man, anyone who steals a man's bike should be shot! :)

I got an Key ignition (pattern) from an '94 YZ50 and wired it up to the kill and live circuits that along with a bright disk lock acts as a deterrent to the passerby.

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