YZ seat of Scotts Damper what do you think?


May the force be with you.

Let your conscience be your guide.

You might consider putting locktight (blue) in your headset thereby sort of making it into a damper then just getting the seat/tank combo.


Dude, keep the riding wife. There are not a lot of them out there!

Arm pump can (also) be contributed to gripping the bar too tight. I think it was Bill who said to grip the tank w/ your knees. If you have never tried gripping the tank, you will be amazed at what this can do. I use this method to stabilize the bike better in the whoops. It is extremely efficient. It reduces your required grip tremendously.

I always thought the stabilizer is for head shake. I have NEVER had headshake on this bike. My CR Honda, absolutely. Not this bike. Yamahas are known for their straight line stability.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.


For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitchy & Bill?!!

In fear of getting removed from the discussion, I will only ask if the fly fishing jacket could also be considered a riding jacket with built in tool carrying pockets?


seat and tank has my vote. Get in shape and you don't have to worry about the dampner. All hype I believe. Good riding style (ie gripping the tank etc) will alieve the arm pump. Relax, grip easy let it flow and GET IN SHAPE. Save the $400 bucks. I may change my mind later, but sounds good for now. If you can't get in shape buy it next year. Seat and tank are the best fix out their I believe. Keep the wife if she lets you buy toys, those are hard to come by. DVD guys, I just got Independance day. Awesome with digital surround. see ya


IMS seat and tank first and now. A Scotts dampener for birthday or christmas.


Independance day?

Good suggestion Mike. So good in fact that I think I'll spare Ken :)

I also bought the new Sony flat screen Wega TV. It's awesome. This Thurs I'm also getting a satalite. I figure it's time to step into the new century.

Matrix was my first movie to watch on the DVD and new TV and I watched it over and over. Great movie!

Oh, was this post about Dampers -vs- Seat tank? Sorry, I forgot.

Re Clarks suggestion: How about Christmas in July?


[This message has been edited by Bryan (edited 06-20-2000).]

The seat votes have the lead...

I dont know guys, they might have a point...

You guys are very right. Women that like to ride are few and far between. It's not her passion but it was her idea to get 4 new bikes! Mind you "they all had to be the same color". Our moto has and will continue to be to expose our kids and ourselves to as many things as we possibly can. That was some of the best advise I think I've ever recieved. I just started my 7 year old flyfishing yesterday and my 5 year old starts golf lessons next week!

Vega!!! Bryan, you've got it goin on! How big? 36 I hope. Matrix is the other movie I was try to think of, awesome flick.

Video shops are dangerous places alot like motorcycle shops. Last time I went stereo shopping it almost cost me my life! "What, $3500 for two speakers!!!", "Did I hear you correctly did you say $1000 for a sub woofer!!!!"

Anyway! No Ken, I wouldn't dual purpose the jacket!

As for arm pump, I rarely get it. (nock on wood). I guess thats another argument for getting the seat and tank.



Dude! I just bought my first DVD player. It is awesome! I would recommend one of those too!

Probably right after the Steering Damper.


Got the DVD. Love it! Go get "Last of the Mohicans", you'll be amazed!

Come on guys more votes, I've got money burning a hole in my pocket!



Exercise your hands and grip.

Buy the tank and seat.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.


For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitchy & Bill?!!

JJ, It might be Christmas by the time this poll is over. I thought you said this was for Father's day? Anyway get the dampner...for sure keep the wife. Ride her more often to keep in shape.


If you don't get much arm pump, I'd go for the dual sport fishing jacket for sure. Then the seat tank combo next.

For some reason Sony spells it: Wega (sound like Vega). Must be a Japanese thing.

They also tried to talk me into the $2000 surround sound system. My wife said no. That was a good thing because when I hooked the DVD up to my normal stereo at home, it sounds freak'n AWESOME!

We must all be starved for entertainment when we get 30 something posts on this silly topic!



JJ - I've got it!

Spent the $500 on a trip for you and your wife to come riding in Colorado! Then, pick up the dampener on the sly later... Score the points now and beg forgivness later :)


God I wish! I would kill to be able to go to Colorado to ride, maybe someday! Who wouldn't want to ride above 12000 feet!


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