YZ Number Plate and Digital Computer

ok before you all bash me for wanting a yz plate i have a good reason, i just had my head light busted out from a rock while riding. oem from the tt store is 75 bucks. i dont want be replacing every other ride. the only time i want my head light installed is when im down in mexico. other then that when i do races or im at the desert i can get a way with no head light. my question is:

Has any one been able to get the yz number plate installed AND still able to keep the digital computer on the 06 bikes. im trying to make it look some what factory looking. pictures would be great. thanks

I have an 05 and I put a yz number plate on. I had to remove the bottom bracket for the light and then zip tie the brack line to the fork but it works.

Instead, you could go to a local plastics place and get a small 3/8 in thick piece of clear plastic. they may charge you 2-3 $$ for it. Get some velcro (or better yet, the hook and loop tape) and put it over your light lens.

Problem solved.

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