Damper or Dirty Bearings?

Actually the concept is not that far off.

My factory manual for my suzuki recommended a specific static amount of force required to move the front wheel, when the front end is off the ground.

This was measured at the end of the handlebar.

Is it recommended for dirt bikes to have the steering head bearings tightened enough so that the unit "sticks" slightly before moving. (built in steering dampening)?

Just curious.

McGrath runs his headset bearings very tight according to his mechanic..



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One guy just posted 'I just greased my steering head bearings..and now it steers great.....Another guy is trying to figure out if he should buy a steering damper.....Well I'm figuring if I just let my steering head bearings get real dry and dirty, that I save the labor of cleaning/greasing them and at the same time I get enough friction to have a "built in" steering damper.....What do you guys think? Besides that I am a genius.

I'd get a patent on that asap.

You'll make MILLIONS!



Dude!!! You must of graduated from Harvard just like I did...

I thought the same thing, "who the hell needs a damper when you've got steering like THIS!!!"

I just did my bearings, actually had to replace them, I've only had the bike since July 99!!!!!

If I could make just a couple suggestions;

1. Buy a new upper bearing. That is if your bike is not a 2000. When I bought the new upper bearing form my 99 it has an additional rubber gasket on the top to stop some of that grit and grim from getting in.

2. Use Silkolene RG2 grease. The stuff is awesome. I also used it on my hubs and linkage, I couldn't find any Moly lube I trusted. It actually feels better than when I bought the damn thing! It also was a high melting point to fight the frame heat from the engine oil.

Good Luck!


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