Cheng Shin Plea

One last question. I found out there are two cheng shin paddles in 18" a 5.30 and a 5.60... I am leaving to go to the dunes tonight for the next three or four days, and want to buy a paddle. Will the 5.30 rub? Where does the tire rub at? I can't get a Skat Trak for almost a week, and won't be doing much duning after this. I am considering trimming the tire if I have to, or whatnot, but going out with a knobby is almost a nonoption. Please don't make me take my cousins paddled banshee... Is the 5.30 significantly different than the 5.60? Thanks

I have a 5.60 paddle made buy chen ching. I have a 52t rear sprocket. The stock chain was WAY to small with this sprocket. The paddles hit the swingarm and the tire wouldn't budge. The chen shing is not a good tire AT ALL. But it is one of the ONLY paddles you can buy. If you can I would definatally get the 5.60 over the 5.30. IT RIPS. I can do wheelies in 3rd and maybe 4th on beachs sand. So, if you have a long enough chain, the tire won't hit at all.

I have a SkatTrak Hooker 10 paddle 18" tire for sale. It is new, only used for 1/2 hour. Yes really just a half hour, that's how long it took before I launched off a razor back and landed on my melon. My friend bought a Cheng Shin and it's HUGE, way bigger outside diameter than a knobby tire.


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I already bought the 5.30. It fits great, and it is the same size as knobby. Hard to put on, but it hooks up well. Thanks for the offer MotoGreg. I am leaving early tommorrow (was supposed to be today) to go duning, otherwise I would take you up. So, for those concerned, the 5.30-18 Cheng Shin does fit, and it seems the 5.6 does not.

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